[plt-scheme] DrScheme on SunRay, no fonts

From: Jarrett Lee (jalee at valdosta.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 4 14:01:57 EST 2009

On Mar 4, 2009, at 13:53, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> (
>  (|MrEd:ScreenSystemBase| "mutt-clearlyu")
>  (|MrEd:ScreenDefaultBase| "mutt-clearlyu")
>  (|MrEd:ScreenModernBase| "misc-fixed")
> )

This did not fix the issue, but I believe I may be putting the file in  
the wrong place or with the wrong permissions.

When ./configure was ran, the --prefix option was set to /opt/plt. I  
put the plt-prefs.ss file in /opt/plt/lib/plt/collects/defaults. See  

# cat /opt/plt/lib/plt/collects/defaults/plt-prefs.ss
  (|MrEd:ScreenSystemBase| "mutt-clearlyu")
  (|MrEd:ScreenDefaultBase| "mutt-clearlyu")
  (|MrEd:ScreenModernBase| "misc-fixed")

Am I doing something wrong with regards to creating this file?

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