[plt-scheme] DrScheme on SunRay, no fonts

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 4 13:53:26 EST 2009

At Wed, 4 Mar 2009 12:51:38 -0500, Jarrett Lee wrote:
> On Mar 4, 2009, at 12:46, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> > How about the output of
> >
> >   xdpyinfo -queryExtensions
> >
> > for either display?
> >
> xdpy-console.txt is the above command run from the servers console and  
> xdpy-DTU.txt is the command run from the SunRay.

Thanks for sending all of this information.

The latest shows that DTU doesn't have the RENDER extension of X11
enabled, so DrScheme wouldn't try to use fontconfig on DTU anyway.
Combined with the absence of "-*-lucida", DrScheme is completely stuck.

You can work around the problem by creating a "plt-prefs.ss" file in a
"defaults" collection that contains

  (|MrEd:ScreenSystemBase| "mutt-clearlyu")
  (|MrEd:ScreenDefaultBase| "mutt-clearlyu")
  (|MrEd:ScreenModernBase| "misc-fixed")

Those are not great fonts, but at least you'll see letters.

For more information on "plt-prefs.ss", see


Meanwhile, the console does have XRENDER, so I'm puzzled that
`get-face-list' didn't show any fontconfig fonts. And DrScheme behaves
as if fontconfig is disabled, even though it's clearly enabled in the
config logs.

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