[plt-scheme] DrScheme Autosave

From: "M. Fatih Köksal" (fkoksal at cs.bilgi.edu.tr)
Date: Sun Mar 1 09:25:18 EST 2009

Hi all,

this is what the documentation says about the autosave;

"When a file in an active DrScheme editor is modified but not saved,
DrScheme saves the file to a special autosave file after five minutes
(in case of a power failure or catastrophic error). If the file is later
saved, or if the user exists DrScheme without saving the file, the
autosave file is removed. The autosave file is saved in the same
directory as the original file, and the autosave file’s name is
generated from the original file’s name: ..."

What I understand here is, if I do not save any file during 5 minutes,
then it saves it automatically. But even I save the file several times,
it does an autosave exactly after 5 minutes (five minutes after I open
the file).

Is this a bug, or a feature :)

M. Fatih Köksal
İstanbul Bilgi University
Computer Science Department

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