[plt-scheme] Re: Standalone GUI executable bugs

From: Edo Shor (edosknow at yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Jun 23 07:02:15 EDT 2009

I did use Mred.
I use #lang scheme/gui
I do not use dynamic-require, I use ffi-lib with define-runtime-path
of the dll - these things works.
I try to save a serialized version of a define-serializable-class into
a file.
Later on, same computer, load it with deserialize.

The error is raised when I try to save, not on startup.
The error also occurs when I load a file saved by the application that
runs in drscheme.
Any other functionality is working fine.

I've done the same with mzc --gui-exe & --exe-dir instead of drscheme
"create executable", but got the same behavior.

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