[plt-scheme] Repl during animation or simulation

From: Glauber Alex Dias Prado (smade4 at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 5 10:00:44 EDT 2009

Erich Rast <erich at snafu.de> writes:

>>         Fluxus use this feature to enable live-coding "in the loop" :), 
> I know I should be asking this on the fluxus mailing list, but while
> we're at it...Fluxus own scratchpad is just not usable for developing
> larger programs. The docs on the fluxus page say you should compile your
> own binary, but with all the dependencies I'll likely never get this to
> work.
> So is there any downloadable OS X binary for DrScheme with Fluxus
> built-in?

I guess you can use the OSX binary from the download page and your already
installed DrScheme i think, as long as DrScheme can recognize fluxus
paths for libs nothing will prevent it from working afaik, but then im
not a OSX user so i may be missing something. In the worst scenario you
will have to install all dependencies trough OSX ports system which
might not be so difficult, and compile fluxus so it will be installed
where PLT wants it to be so nothing hard for it to recognize it.

> Best,
> Erich
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