[plt-scheme] some progress in identifying cause of DrScheme file explorer intermittent freezing problem on Japanese version of Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Jun 4 04:54:50 EDT 2009

On Jun  4, Benjamin L.Russell wrote:
> It seems that DrScheme, in its present state, is incompatible with
> the Japanese version of Windows XP, and is plagued with freezing
> problems specifically on that language-platform.  Therefore, unless
> these problems are tested specifically on the Japanese version of
> Windows XP, as opposed to the English version, they are unlikely to
> be solved, and at least some Japanese users who would otherwise use
> DrScheme will continue to migrate to such alternative
> implementations as Gauche.

Unfortunately, we are far from having the kind of resources for
testing and/or debugging problems that are specific to an OS/language.
In the department of "exotic languages" there are active people on the
group who might use German, Thai, Chinese, and Hebrew -- yet I don't
believe that anyone have seen the problem you're talking about.  (I'm
saying "might" because even if I'm in Israel, I'm likely to use
machines that have an English OS installed, since many developers
prefer it.)

It would therefore be very helpful if anyone can provide some useful
information about the source of the problem.  I remember that you've
written detailed explanations on how to get the problem, and what
happens, but I'm talking about something more concrete, like
identifying the system call that causes the delay.  (I think that I
talked about how `strace' on linux is very effective in finding out
sources of such delays -- and I still don't know about any Windows
utility that does the same thing.)

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