[plt-scheme] SRFI-97 and R6RS

From: Andreas Rottmann (a.rottmann at gmx.at)
Date: Wed Jan 21 08:29:42 EST 2009


I'm using PLT as one of my target platforms for running R6RS code. Up to
now, I've used Derick Eddington's R6RS SRFI collection, which worked
nicely on PLT as well, as it used a separate namespace, (xitomatl srfi
...). However, recently Derick has switched to SRFI-97 names: (srfi :<N>
...), which conflicts with PLT, which already provides SRFIs in the
(srfi ...) namespace, but does not follow SRFI-97 naming.

It would be nice if PLT provided SRFI-97-style aliases for the SRFI
libraries it ships with, so one could use PLT's native SRFI
implementations from R6RS code in the same way as one would use Derick's
SRFI collection on implementations that don't ship SRFIs.

This would also resolve the problem of how to use the SRFIs that ship
with PLT from R6RS code at all (see

Regards, Rotty
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