[plt-scheme] Hit People Over the Head with HtDP

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Jan 19 15:03:42 EST 2009

Random people with Web pages about Scheme, like myself, can also do our 
part to point people in the right direction:


Neil Van Dyke wrote at 01/19/2009 02:35 PM:
> PLTers...
> I think one of the first sentences people should see when they get to 
> the "plt-scheme.org" site is something like this, with links:
> "If you are new to Scheme or to making computer programs, we recommend 
> __installing PLT Scheme__ and starting with __How to Design Programs 
> (HtDP)__."
> Maybe on the home page, after a few-bulletpoint elevator speech on PLT 
> Scheme, as well as at the top of other pages people might jump to when 
> they're looking for documentation or downloads.
> Maybe also add a pop-up to DrScheme that opens every time someone 
> starts DrScheme (until they uncheck the box on the popup), suggesting 
> starting with HtDP and providing a button that opens HtDP in their Web 
> browser.
> I appreciate the shelf of books on the site, but we really need a 
> librarian to tackle newbies and point them to the starter manual.
> There will always be macho men/women who say "just show me the 
> reference manual; none of this sissy kindergarten stuff," but those 
> people will just disregard the pointer to HtDP and will have no 
> trouble finding the manuals they seek.

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