[plt-scheme] on which programming languages best to spend your time?

From: Raoul Duke (raould at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 26 15:55:59 EST 2009

> book How To Design Programs ( http://www.htdp.org/ ) using DrScheme.  The
> book will help you learn good software design habits that will do you good
> no matter what language you end up using later.

it is perhaps worth asking oneself what they want from learning a new
language. do we want to learn the big ideas (software transactional
memory; purity; lazyness; object-functional fusion cuisine; massive
concurrency)? we might be able to do that in languages we already
know, and more quickly since we don't have all the inevitable minutia
to overcome first.

(this from another person who is always simultaneously wanting to
learn: haskell, erlang, clojure, qi-lisp, e-java, o'caml, f#, scala,
you name it :-)

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