[plt-scheme] Prereqs for robotic programming

From: Marco Morazan (morazanm at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 16 23:01:25 EST 2009

> It's hard to answer something like this without more context.
> Hypothetically, if the environment is well done, why should
> controlling (very simple) robots to teach basic programming be any
> different from, say, using simplified GUI libraries? Both have inputs,
> outputs, and can respond to events.

My apologies for the confusion. The goal is not to teach basic
programming. The goal is to teach robotics. I think that using robots
to teach basic programming can eventually be a great motivator, but I
have not seen a programming environment that comes remotely close to
being up to the task. Even LEGO's NXT graphical enviroment falls well
short of the mark for teaching basic programming.




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