[plt-scheme] Prereqs for robotic programming

From: Henk Boom (henk at henk.ca)
Date: Mon Feb 16 22:24:13 EST 2009

2009/2/16 Marco Morazan <morazanm at gmail.com>:
> ...
> I think this gives you an accurate picture. Any suggestions?

It's hard to answer something like this without more context.

Hypothetically, if the environment is well done, why should
controlling (very simple) robots to teach basic programming be any
different from, say, using simplified GUI libraries? Both have inputs,
outputs, and can respond to events.

Whether or not this is a valid analogy would of course depend on what
the aims of the course are. There is a big difference between a
robotics course which happens to require non-trivial programming
tasks, and a programming course using robots to grab the students'


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