[plt-scheme] HtDP in Python!

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 16 16:30:12 EST 2009

>  My choice for representing structures in Python is unconventional.  I chose
> it for reasons of immutability and succinctness.

Proceed with caution.

This seems like a clever idea.  The committee won't look at the
details, and will go along with it.

At the end of your first semester, you'll get lambasted in course
reviews.  It'll be by students who already "know Python", and find
your representation choices not intriguing and mind-expanding but
quirky, misguided, ridiculous, ignorant, and wrong.  Your chair will
call you in for a firm chat.  You'll try it again.  The evals will
repeat.  And in two years, you'll end up with a "intro programming in
conventional Python" course.

This is the folk wisdom from places that have tried to teach Java functionally.

In short, make sure you have (a) the intestinal constitution (which I
fully believe you do) and (b) the departmental support (the big if)
before proceeding.  Otherwise the result would be even worse than the


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