[plt-scheme] Math prerequisites for SICP

From: Andrei Estioco (chadestioco at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 12 05:52:38 EST 2009

How much math do I need to know to understand SICP? We used HtDP last
semester (June-October '08) although we skipped the parts that required some
actual math, especially calculus. We focused more on the "algorithm" aspect
of the book.

I've leafed through the first few pages of SICP and found out that it
tackled the big O way earlier that HtDP. We touched big O lightly last
semester. How much math do I need to understand this?

 We only started on calculus this semester (November '08 - March '09). As of
this writing our current topic is the definite integral. Is that enough (for
the big O and everything else SICP) ?


Chad Estioco
BS Computer Science
University of the Philippines-Diliman
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