[plt-scheme] Re: Newbie question about PLT web application

From: gadva (gadva1g at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Apr 19 01:20:36 EDT 2009

Thanks for the quick reply,

Sorry If I was unclear with the question, I just haven't had that much
experience with setting up a web server before, and with networking in
general so I'm not sure about the right terminology yet.

I guess my question was how to setup the application to serve requests
to users connecting to my server by typing http://serverIP:8000/myapplication.ss.

Because right now when I test it on a browser from within the server
it runs ok, but when I attempt to connect from a different computer it
does not work. So by using the code described above (and in the PLT
Blog Application example from the website) (basically using web-sever/
insta, serve/servlet) I am running the application on a selected port,
so when a user connects to my IP adress with the correct port etc
shouldn't the web server accept a request and respond with the HTML
page that I define?

(I am using my own Linux box with a static IP to run the scheme server

Thanks again for your reply,


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