[plt-scheme] coroutine versus stream

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You may wish to have a look at Talcott's "Programming and Proving with Function and Control Abstractions", a set of lecture notes on "Rum" from 1986:

Whether it's worthwhile or not, Proquest/UMI is where I got a copy of Talcott's dissertation, several years ago. The 'right' entry point into their site for individuals to order dissertations is:

But I do see that prices are substantially higher for shipment to Europe.


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Thanks for warning me, 
Tomorrow I'll be in Barcelona (Spain) and have a look at the university library there, although I am not sure they have a strong department for informatics/mathematics. 
Next week I'll be in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam and may have a look in the library of the CWI (Centrum for Mathematica and Informatica) Lot's of friendly people there wo can point me to the right documents. May be I can find time to visit some libraries of the the University of Amsterdam (where I did my studies in mathematics and physics and have worked as a researcher) Also a good opportunity to meet some former colleagues. 
The matter interests me. Mathematical proof of equivalences would be interesting, al
though I always have trouble getting acquanted with unfamiliar notations. I also have this problem of not understanding a theorem and even not being able to use a theorem until I think "why did I not discover this myself?" (off topic I'm afraid) 
Any people on this list living near Barcelona ??? (for me near = +- within 300 km) 
I live in Mataró (in the northern part of the mediterranean coast of Spain) 
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> Sorry Jos but it's not worth buying this kind of document (I wouldn't recommend buying my dissertation either). Go to the closest > university library (cs) and ask whether they can't get a copy for you. It may take some time but it's your best bet. Also, > Carolyn's treatment is formal, i.e., she develops a framework for proving equivalences. (She likes baroque notation, btw.) If > you're interested in the ideas only, she has pointers to even earlier suggestions on how coroutines and streams relate -- > Matthias 
> On Apr 19, 2009, at 5:25 AM, Jos Koot wrote: 
>> Thanks, 
>> I have no account on that site, but I posted a question whether or not they do serve pri
vate persons too. 
>> As I am retired I have no access via an official institute. 
>> Thanks, again, Jos 
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>> It looks like you can buy a copy here: 
>> http://proquest.umi.com/pqdlink?did=752257391&Fmt=7&clientId 
>> =79356&RQT=309&VName=PQD 
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