[plt-scheme] Tables in Scribblings

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at acm.org)
Date: Thu Sep 11 19:27:49 EDT 2008

Hi Eli,

> Can you specify which parts made no sense, and how they can be improved?

I was sort of expecting the documentation to have everything you would
need to know to do %80 of your tasks in one or two pages. Instead
there is a lot of material, but it isn't obvious (to me) where to look
or where to start. I was excited to see Scribble when it came out; but
quickly found that I just "didn't get it". I assumed it was too
powerful for what I wanted to do with it, which basically amounts to
what one wants to do with HTML. The best place I have to figure things
out is to look at the source code for the documentation.

Sometimes obvious operations seem confusing, so people post about them
and knowledgeable folks answer so quickly that I feel like it must be
confusing to you guys why people don't get it! :)

That's not a precise reply, but, does that make sense?

Best wishes,


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