[plt-scheme] planet: help submitting bugs & a question

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 2 17:42:30 EDT 2008

Okay, based on the feedback in this thread (thanks, btw!), I've put
together a fairly low key mechanism and checked it in to SVN. Each
time a contract violation that would blame a planet component to the
REPL, DrScheme records that in a table (these are only recorded when
DrScheme runs the program, and they aren't recorded for the teaching

As long as the table is not empty, a small blue icon appears in the
bottom bar of the drscheme window. Click it to see a list of the
recorded violations. If you click a particular button in that list,
you get sent to a url for submitting the bug report and the item falls
off the list.

This means that nothing is submitted without the
person-who-discovered-the-bug-report's explicit okay (so I didn't
redact anything), and hopefully the little blue icon isn't too

This is checked in to SVN, but the latest nightly builds won't have it
until they next complete. Possibly today sometime, hopefully by
tomorrow US time. If you can build via SVN and you want to try it out,
I've uploaded a planet package that violates its contract to make it
easier to play with:

  #lang scheme
  (require (planet robby/bug/bug))

For those that are curious to see how it looks, but aren't in a
position to build from SVN, here is a screenshot:


Note that this only records new bug reports, where "new" means that it
has either a different stack trace or a different planet package or
different version of the planet package, as compared to the other
currently recorded bug reports. (It is doing an equal? check on the
data that gets automatically filled in the bug report form.)


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