[plt-scheme] convenience for removing planet development links

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Sep 1 05:54:07 EDT 2008

Does anyone already have a convenience for removing PLaneT development 
links to versions that are available in the PLaneT repository?

The usage scenario I have in mind is:

   1. Work on new versions of interconnected packages.  In the process,
      create development links for the ultimate new version numbers of
      some, so that new versions of the other packages can |require| them.
   2. Upload the new versions of some or all of the packages to PLaneT.
   3. Type a command (say, |remove-obsolete-planet-development-links|,
      only catchier), which causes the development links for versions
      now in PLaneT to be removed.

The motivations for automating the removal are both to avoid likely 
operator error and to avoid some hassle.

Anyone already have a tool like this, or have a better way of doing it?

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