[plt-scheme] Re: opengrok hosted instance with DrScheme sources.

From: Deep (deepankar.sharma at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Oct 27 22:43:34 EDT 2008

I find the opengrok installation pretty useful for understanding the
mzscheme internals. I will try to get a publicly accessible opengrok
installation available for public use. If people find it useful in its
current state then maybe we can revisit the topic of adding it to the
drscheme website.

On Oct 27, 3:48 pm, Eli Barzilay <e... at barzilay.org> wrote:
> On Oct 27, Deep wrote:
> > The big plus that opengrok has over google codesearch that it has
> > cross linking. So you can click on function calls/datastructures to
> > get to the definition of the function/datastructure. This makes code
> > discovery very easy.
> > I think opengrok supports svn repositories nativeley. So you can
> > just point it to the repository and it will index things.
> That's good.
> > It also has an inbuilt web frontend which requires apache tomcat (or
> > any other java application server ). Installation is
> > straightforward.
> That's one thing that worries me -- I try to keep the web-related
> packages on the server to a minimum...  (It doesn't use php or perl,
> for example, and having a java installation tends to be a sticky
> issue...)
> > If there are any questions I will try to answer them to the best of
> > my knowledge and try to find answers for things that I dont know.
> > An example of a hosted opengrok instance is
> >http://opengrok.netbsd.org/source/.  Just try searching for
> > "fprintf" (without the quotation marks) and browse through the files
> > that come up.
> Thanks, it does look interesting.
> On Oct 27, Deep wrote:
> > Yes for the scheme code opengrok doesnt work well. (No cross links
> > supported / search falls back to text search). But all the sources
> > under the src directory in drscheme sources seems to be plain c
> > files and would hence benefit from opengrok indexing.
> That's a major problem.  Rudimentary Scheme support would be nice, but
> of course a proper solution is one that will analyze the actual
> require and binding-structure and create real links...
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