[plt-scheme] Re: opengrok hosted instance with DrScheme sources.

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Oct 27 15:48:05 EDT 2008

On Oct 27, Deep wrote:
> The big plus that opengrok has over google codesearch that it has
> cross linking. So you can click on function calls/datastructures to
> get to the definition of the function/datastructure. This makes code
> discovery very easy.
> I think opengrok supports svn repositories nativeley. So you can
> just point it to the repository and it will index things.

That's good.

> It also has an inbuilt web frontend which requires apache tomcat (or
> any other java application server ). Installation is
> straightforward.

That's one thing that worries me -- I try to keep the web-related
packages on the server to a minimum...  (It doesn't use php or perl,
for example, and having a java installation tends to be a sticky

> If there are any questions I will try to answer them to the best of
> my knowledge and try to find answers for things that I dont know.
> An example of a hosted opengrok instance is
> http://opengrok.netbsd.org/source/ .  Just try searching for
> "fprintf" (without the quotation marks) and browse through the files
> that come up.

Thanks, it does look interesting.

On Oct 27, Deep wrote:
> Yes for the scheme code opengrok doesnt work well. (No cross links
> supported / search falls back to text search). But all the sources
> under the src directory in drscheme sources seems to be plain c
> files and would hence benefit from opengrok indexing.

That's a major problem.  Rudimentary Scheme support would be nice, but
of course a proper solution is one that will analyze the actual
require and binding-structure and create real links...

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