[plt-scheme] Usability: delete whole line in DrScheme

From: Marek Kubica (marek at xivilization.net)
Date: Mon Oct 20 03:29:39 EDT 2008


I hope it's okay when I post some more usability things to the list. My
last suggestion was implemented very fast and it has improved the
usability for me quite a lot.

In this mail I'll talk about deleting the whole line in the DrScheme
interactions window/REPL. The problem occurs, when trying to delete a
lne from an arbitary position to the beginning of the line. Most of the
time I use Shift-Home to select from the current position to the
beginning of the line and delete using backspace. As it turns out, this
doesn't work in DrScheme, because there is the > prompt which gets
selected but cannot be deleted. So you have to unselect it and the
following space to delete the line.

My proposal would be either to make it deletable if at least one
character of the selection is code (if nothing is selected, it should
stay as is and if someone selects the prompt and the space, it
shouldn't be deletable either) and then immediatele re-insert it (or
never delete it really) or make Home go only to the position after the
space, so the prompt won't get selected.


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