[plt-scheme] Scheme Programming Question (Making an error message)

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at acm.org)
Date: Sun Oct 5 12:13:03 EDT 2008

> You're wasting your effort in the wrong place.  This person (or a
> classmate of theirs, "Scholar") has already posted the question to
> cramster.com:
> http://qaboard.cramster.com/computer-science-topic-5-339232-cpi0.aspx

I've never heard of cramster (or anything like it).

Since you knew about it, and found the problem, I take it that sites
like this are something that you teachers must have to deal with? Man
oh man...

> Why are you answering questions on plt-scheme, when you could be
> preparing for the afterlife?

If that worked I will go answer some questions, but I am more worried
about my current life at the moment hehe.

> PS: What I'd really like to know is what crackpot professor put out
> a question like this.  Any ideas?

Funny the cramster post is indexed by google, but not the original assignment.

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