[plt-scheme] SLaTeX: getting it to work

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 9 16:23:24 EST 2008

> I played around a bit more and found that the location
> of the .tex file is actually the key: if it's exactly in the PLT/ directory
> it works fine, but anywhere else and SLaTeX exits pretending to be done
> without having generated any .Z files.
> For example:
> C:\Program Files\PLT>slatex --no-latex C:/Users/Bas/Documents/quick.tex
> SLaTeX v. 20050609
> typesetting code[quick.tex]done
> This results in no .Z files being generated. I've tried putting the .tex
> file different folders and different ways of typing the path towards
> quick.tex (e.g., forward slashes, backward slashes, double backward slashes,
> surrounding by double quotes) but this made no difference. However, a typo
> in the path does result in an error, so SLaTeX really does find the file, it
> just doesn't do anything with it.

I made a conjecture...I'm less sure of it now, but I'll throw it out
there anyway.

I wonder if the difference *is* in the pathname.  I suspect that you
haven't hit on the magical combination that undergoes translation and
still makes sense inside Scheme.  My guess is that this:

> C:\Program Files\PLT>slatex --no-latex quick.tex
> SLaTeX v. 20050609
> typesetting code[slatex.sty]....done

works not because of the location of quick.tex, but rather because you
are specifying quick.tex without any path prefix.

(I was going to conjecture that it was because you were providing an
*absolute* pathname, but I went back through this thread just now and
noticed you did once try with a relative pathname...so maybe my
conjecture is off.  Still, if you were try to try the PATH setting I
suggested earlier, and try running SLaTeX from a "harmless" directory,
and still get the error, that would be helpful to know.  Also if you
have access to an XP system, too...)


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