[plt-scheme] [doc suggestion]unit-body-expr-or-defn in doc/reference/linkinference.html#(form._((lib._mzlib/unit..ss)._define-unit))

From: Larry Evans (cppljevans at suddenlink.net)
Date: Wed Jun 25 09:39:13 EDT 2008

   While reading:


   I couldn't find where:


   was defined.  Looking elsewhere, I also found it used in the "syntax
   template" for unit, located here:


   However, again, there was no "explicit" link to it's definition;
   however, there was a "sorta" definition in the 1st paragraph which

Expressions in the unit body can refer to identifiers bound by the
sig-specs of the import clause, and the body must include one
definition for each identifier of a sig-spec in the export clause.

   However, the reader must infer that 'unit body' refers to the
   'unit-body-expr-or-defn' in the. IMO it would be better if there
   were some definition of 'unit-body-expr-or-defn' with references to
   'unit-body-expr-or-defn' in "syntax-templates" (just I name I made
   up) that are actually links (e.g. like the unit, import, and export
   links in creatingunits.html) to the definition.

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