[plt-scheme] A first experiment with HTDP

From: Marco Morazan (morazanm at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 1 16:46:29 EDT 2008

> Some companies do have the policy to hire fresh people and provide trainings
> for them. In principle that is a good thing, except when it is the company's
> objective to hire people that can easily be brainwashed. Yes, I am a little
> bit paranoid.

To have students develop critical thinking and analytical skills are
among the primary goals of an education. When those goals are met it
should be rather difficult to hire people that are easily brainwashed.
We shall continue our endeavors to further these goals.

I am not sure companies want to hire people that are easily
brainwashed. To survive companies need innovation (especially software
companies). Innovation comes from a combination of critical thinking,
analysis, and imagination. It seems to me that companies search out
these qualities. My undergraduate research students, for example, have
been quite successful at landing good jobs with good companies when
they choose not to immediately pursue graduate school. Almost all of
them, if not all, were chosen because the different companies believed
they could successfully complete their in-house training program. A
good education seemed a prerequisite to be chosen.

I am delighted to learn, by the way, that Grant's company is putting
together a test training program using HtDP. Well done! Is there a web
page somewhere that lists companies using HtDP as part of their
training program? It would be very useful to create one if it does not
already exist.



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