[plt-scheme] Slime-like documentation

From: Alex Shinn (alexshinn at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 10 21:33:23 EST 2008

On Jan 10, 2008 8:44 PM, Filipe Cabecinhas <filcab at gmail.com> wrote:
> I wanted to begin hacking DrScheme/MzScheme and wanted to know if it's
> possible to know the name and parameters of every defined function
> (and special form/macro) in the environment so I could make Dr. Scheme
> do something like slime in emacs:
> When you write "(nth ", emacs shows "(nth N LIST)" in the mini-buffer.

If you want to stick with Emacs and mzscheme, you can use
scheme-complete (compatible with any scheme mode):


It has both intelligent tab completion and eldoc support (showing
a brief docstring in the minibuffer).  In fact, it's much smarter than
slime because it recognizes the current lexical environment.
Given the following:

  (letrec ((foo (lambda (a b) x)))

it will show "(foo a b)" in the minibuffer.


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