[plt-scheme] Slime-like documentation

From: Filipe Cabecinhas (filcab at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 10 09:05:42 EST 2008


On 10 Jan, 2008, at 13:49, Matthew Flatt wrote:

> Assuming that you want to extract the information from documentation:
> In v37x, this information is in the plt/doc/*/keywords files.
> In v3.99.x, this information isn't yet easily accessible, but it will
> be available via the `scribble/xref' library. I can add that
> information this afternoon.

I was thinking about inspecting it at run-time so it would find every  
defined function. I think you're telling me to inspect those files to  
know which functions are defined but I wanted this to work in any  
Language and with any accessible function. Even loaded modules. Maybe  
I understood you wrong.

> The general answer is to use DrScheme's tool plug-in interface. In  
> this
> case, it may make sense to implement it alongside word completion,
> somehow.
> Matthew

I'll take a look at that, then.

> Basing the information on what has been evaluated seems fragile to me.
> I imagine that the tool will work better working from static and
> lexical sources, such as the documentation and the program text (which
> is accessible via the plug-in tool interface).

Lexical source is better, because you can find even the defined but  
not yet evaluated functions. But I don't know if you can find even  
functions from the base language or even functions defined in some  
loaded/required files.

Thanks for the reply

   - Filipe Cabecinhas

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