[plt-scheme] drscheme & olpc

From: Geoffrey S. Knauth (geoff at knauth.org)
Date: Thu Jan 3 04:08:04 EST 2008

In case anyone besides Grant and me is trying out DrScheme on the XO,  
but not having an XO, wants to try emulation via Parallels on a Mac, I  
just posted instructions on the OLPC Wiki.

Step by step instructions for getting XO emulation up on a Mac using  
Parallels v3:


Still to come--a wrapper to make this an OLPC Activity that kids can  
download onto their XOs.  Currently I'm using a USB stick to transfer  
builds of DrScheme to my kids' XOs, and I'm invoking DrScheme from the  
command line.  Soon things will get better.

If you look at the black-and-white icons at the bottom of this  


we'll have to come up with a B&W PLT Lambda creature.  That little  
snake in the lower right is Pippy the Python.


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