[plt-scheme] SRFI 41

From: Chongkai Zhu (czhu at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Feb 6 14:17:14 EST 2008

I just notice that SRFI 40 was replaced by SRFI41 last month.

Yes, you are right. SRFI 41 definitely deserves a native version. Please 
send me your code. Thank you very much for the kind offer.


Jos Koot wrote:
> Hi,
> Phil Bewig asked me to prepare a native implementation of SRFI 41 for 
> PLT Scheme. He allows me some freedom in optimizing the representation 
> of streams and to use contracts in order to avoid unnecessary type 
> checks when procedures are calling fellow procedures from the same 
> library. It is not too much work. I already have a representation that 
> works nicely for PLT Scheme and is one to two orders of magnitude 
> faster than the original code (Phil is not to blame for that, because 
> he intentionally did not care about speed) Adapting the documentation 
> such as to meet the current standards of PLT documentation will be 
> much more work, though. Would the PLT team be interested in adopting 
> such a native version as a collection in PLT Scheme? Of course a test 
> suite will be included. Moreover I shall anticipate on the premise 
> that soon (I hope) R6RS will be fully available in PLT Scheme. Please 
> let me know your opinion. Mine is that SRFI 41 deserves a native 
> version in the form of a collection within PLT Scheme.
> Jos Koot

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