[plt-scheme] htdp and modules

From: Jan Christiansen (jac at informatik.uni-kiel.de)
Date: Thu Nov 22 06:01:36 EST 2007


we use drscheme in a practical course to teach programming in the  
first term. In previous terms we used the "how to design programs"  

Now we would like to use modules. Is it correct that the "how to  
design programs" languages do not support modules? How can I use  
modules and support the students with the features they are used to?  
It would be okay if I can tell the students which modules they have  
to import. Right now I have discovered that I get the hdtp list  
functions by importing list.ss and the local define construct by  
importing etc.ss. What I am especially missing is a printer for  
arbitrary data structures defined by the define-struct command. For  
example with htdp I get

 > (make-tuple 1 2)
(make-tuple 1 2)

while in other languages I get

 > (make-tuple 1 2)

Regards, Jan

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