[plt-scheme] `graphical border' in panel% and pane%'s ???

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Wed May 23 19:59:10 EDT 2007

Hello good people of the PLT discussion list,

I am currently going about constructing a custom container type for  
MrEd, and while in the relevant documentation of the Help Desk I ran  
across the following, in the third to the last paragraph, in 2.2.2  
"Containers" of PLT MrEd: Graphical Toolbox Manual.

"Because a panel or pane is a containee as well as a container, it  
has a containee margin in addition to its border margin. For a panel,  
these margins are not redundant because the panel can have a  
graphical border; the border is drawn inside the panel's containee  
margin, but outside the panel's border margin."

A search through the Help Desk, and Søgaard's Source Search, turns up  
only this single reference to a `graphical border'.  Does anyone know  
anymore about it; in particular how you would go about drawing in or  
assigning a bitmap% to this area?  Or is it the case that what gets  
drawn in this graphical border something which is specified by a  
platform dependent parameter or preference?



Kyle Smith
kyle at bellsouth dot net

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