[plt-scheme] Checking for libraries

From: hufflen jean-michel (hufflen at lifc.univ-fcomte.fr)
Date: Mon Jun 11 04:17:31 EDT 2007

   Dear PLT Scheme friends,

   I think that my present problem may be of interest for the PLT Scheme
community, that's why I'm posting this message.

   I wrote a program---maybe you heard about it: MlBibTeX---that may be run
with PLT Scheme, provided that there is a FFI with the C language and the
"ssax-sxml" library.  My question is:

   -I would like to make this program publicly available.
   -If an end-user would like to install it with PLT as a Scheme interpreter,
there should be a test in order to ensure that the PLT Scheme installed
includes this "FFI" and "ssax-sxml".
   -Is there a way to perform such tests?  I think that must be very difficult
within "configure.in" files used by "autoconf".  How can I do that?

   Many thanks in advance,

J.-M. H.

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