[plt-scheme] Application of PLT-Scheme (fwd)

From: Ivanyi Peter (pivanyi at freemail.hu)
Date: Thu Jun 7 08:33:27 EDT 2007

Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu> írta:

> >> (I know  AutoLisp is dynamically scoped, so this latter
would be  
> >> challenging
> >> for the border cases.)
> When you use syntax-case, you are using the API of the
> compiler and the default here is dynamic scope. Unless
your syntax  
> transformer implements a whole program transformation
> possible), it is difficult to get dynamic scope done 100%
right. You  
> can approximate it with fluids, and perhaps this is
enough. But it  
> isn't completely faithful.

Oh, in this regard, I think, my application transforms the
whole program.

> As you may know, we also have a pretty complete
implementation of  
> ACL2 (see planet), an applicative subset of Common Lisp.
This one  
> uses lexical scoping only. So it's okay.

I used that as a "tutorial" as I find the help desk
extremely terse.

> Does AutoLISP come with a defmacro macro system and did
you implement  it?

"Luckily" not, therefore I did not have to consider macro
expansion at all.

Best regards,

Peter Ivanyi

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