[plt-scheme] mzscheme resident size

From: Joseph Koshy (joseph.koshy at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jan 29 02:48:38 EST 2007

jk> I noticed that while building DrScheme from source,
jk> mzscheme in v360 grows to a very large size (over 256M
jk> in resident size).  This difference between v352 and v360
jk> was immediately noticeable on my FreeBSD 4 machine (which
jk> has 256M of RAM) :).

mf> Is this during the install step, while compiling the
mf> Scheme code in collections?

During install.

mf> If so, I think v369.x works better, partly as a result
mf> of the new (or at least newly default) memory manager,
mf> and partly because I fixed an algorithm in macro
mf> expansion that could sometimes use too much memory.

I will check v369.x when I get time, thanks.

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