[plt-scheme] probleme installation de drscheme sur ubuntu

From: jugurtha (numide93 at yahoo.fr)
Date: Tue Jan 2 19:06:03 EST 2007

voila j'essai d'installer drscheme 299.400 sur ubuntu, et voila ce
qu'il m'affiche:

mon-pseudo at mon-pseudo-desktop:~$ sh
This program will extract and install PLT Scheme v299.400.

Note: the required diskspace for this installation is around 77M.

Where do you want to install the "plt" directory tree?
  1 - /usr/plt [default]
  2 - /usr/local/plt
  3 - $HOME/plt (/home/mon-pseudo/plt)
  4 - ./plt (here)
  Or enter a different directory to install in.
> ./plt
Checking the integrity of the binary archive... ok.
"/home/mon-pseudo/plt" exists, delete? y
Deleting old "/home/mon-pseudo/plt"... done.
Unpacking into "/home/mon-pseudo/plt"... done.
Running the PLT installer...
./bin/mzscheme: relocation error: ./bin/mzscheme: symbol
__libc_stack_end, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file
ld-linux.so.2 with link time reference
Error: PLT installer failed.

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