[plt-scheme] Commercial hosting of the PLT Web Server

From: Peter Wright (pete at flooble.net)
Date: Wed Dec 26 01:01:35 EST 2007


On 25/12 22:27:03, hendrik at topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 26, 2007 at 07:53:44AM +1100, Dan Prager wrote:
> > Hendrik wrote:
> > >If you should go the VPS route, perhaps you could write a kind of
> > >a log of what you did, so that someone could edit it into a draft
> > >of the tutorial you wish there was.
> > 
> > Yes, that would be the appropriate thing to do.  I'll give it a go ...
> Mention the things you tried that didn't work, too.  What goes wrong
> can be as instructive as what went right.

And if you weren't already aware of this rather good tutorial
(oriented towards Debian and SISCWeb Scheme, using linode.com):


...you may find it useful as a model for writing your own[0].

Based on the recommendation of that article, I actually started using
linode.com for my own (more general-purpose) Linux virtual server.
Haven't regretted it yet (especially with the falling US dollar :)),
and I can pass on the recommendation.

> -- hendrik


[0] It may be worth mentioning that the catchy little title of the
above tutorial ("The Quick 'n Dirty Guide for Building, Programming
and Hosting Your Own Debian Linux, Tomcat and SISC Scheme Web Server
in 30 Minutes and for 30 Dollars Without a Headache") is a bit out of
date now - the low-end option at linode.com is now $20/month.
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