[plt-scheme] online version of _The Little Schemer_?

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 21 01:43:34 EST 2007

>  Side question-- I've noticed that for cookbooks (and other
>  categories of books) which I own, the copyright is held by the
>  *author*, not the publisher. In contrast, for programming language
>  books in my collection, the publisher is almost always the copyright
>  owner. (The one exception that I noticed in a quick perusal of my
>  library tonight is Queinnec's Lisp in Small Pieces, where Queinnec
>  is apparently owner of the copyright for the original French text, but
>  Cambridge owns the copyright for the English language edition.) Just
>  curious: why is the copyright for CS books owned by the publisher,
>  rather than the author(s)?

That's how all contemporary publishing works.  The right question is,
"Why does ownership of cookbooks seem to reside with the author rather
than the publisher?"

Authors who don't like forking ownership over to publishers have
limited choices.  This is why PLAI is self-published.


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