[plt-scheme] online version of _The Little Schemer_?

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Date: Tue Dec 18 23:38:12 EST 2007

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> Thanks for the links, but they seem to be previews
> with missing pages, and there does not seem to be any
> way to purchase complete "previews."
Since Google describes these as "Limited previews", that is not

> Do you know where I could read/purchase complete
> online versions?
Perhaps you should contact MIT Press directly, since they are 
the copyright holder for these books?

Side question-- I've noticed that for cookbooks (and other 
categories of books) which I own, the copyright is held by the
*author*, not the publisher. In contrast, for programming language
books in my collection, the publisher is almost always the copyright
owner. (The one exception that I noticed in a quick perusal of my 
library tonight is Queinnec's Lisp in Small Pieces, where Queinnec 
is apparently owner of the copyright for the original French text, but 
Cambridge owns the copyright for the English language edition.) Just 
curious: why is the copyright for CS books owned by the publisher, 
rather than the author(s)?


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