[plt-scheme] sqlite.plt seg faults with 370

From: Hans Oesterholt-Dijkema (hdnews at gawab.com)
Date: Fri Aug 31 13:52:30 EDT 2007

I experienced also seg faults with 370. However, I only noticed
them while using threads. I think I've solved them in the sqlite driver.
Maybe that helps? Have a go with sqld-sqlite.plt.


Keith Frost schreef:
> Well, I'm at a loss, for now.  I've gone through sqlite.ss and added 
> 'raw to every malloc call in the file, and I still get random memory 
> corruption and segmentation violations when running, for example
> (select  *my-db*  "select * from  my_table where my_index > 600000 and 
> my_index < 1000000")
> where there are 399999 result rows, with two columns, from my_table. 
> I thought it might be related to callbacks, but there are no callbacks 
> used in the particular code path I'm testing.  It seems to me that 
> something must be going awry when libsqlite3 allocates the space to 
> hold the strings from the query, and sets the pointers allocated by 
> mzscheme to point to this space.  Is it possible that the system 
> malloc() is getting shadowed somehow by mzscheme?  I know that sounds 
> crazy....
> By the way, this behavior is not restricted to RHEL3; I see the same 
> problems on Debian Etch.
> Is anybody else here getting substantial, reliable use out of 
> sqlite.plt on 370 or 371?  On what platform?
> Thanks,
> Keith Frost
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