[plt-scheme] sqlite.plt seg faults with 370

From: Keith Frost (keith.l.frost at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Aug 31 13:15:58 EDT 2007

Well, I'm at a loss, for now.  I've gone through sqlite.ss and added 'raw to
every malloc call in the file, and I still get random memory corruption and
segmentation violations when running, for example
(select  *my-db*  "select * from  my_table where my_index > 600000 and
my_index < 1000000")
where there are 399999 result rows, with two columns, from my_table.

I thought it might be related to callbacks, but there are no callbacks used
in the particular code path I'm testing.  It seems to me that something must
be going awry when libsqlite3 allocates the space to hold the strings from
the query, and sets the pointers allocated by mzscheme to point to this
space.  Is it possible that the system malloc() is getting shadowed somehow
by mzscheme?  I know that sounds crazy....

By the way, this behavior is not restricted to RHEL3; I see the same
problems on Debian Etch.

Is anybody else here getting substantial, reliable use out of sqlite.plt on
370 or 371?  On what platform?


Keith Frost
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