[plt-scheme] Re: Storage of PlaneT packages

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Mon Aug 20 07:57:53 EDT 2007

At Mon, 20 Aug 2007 02:59:05 -0000, eliben wrote:
> > > Thanks for all the replies. Followup question - when I distribute an
> > > application written in PLT, how can I attach all the PlaneT packages
> > > it uses?
> >
> > The easiest way is to use DrScheme's "Create Executable" menu item or
> > `mzc --exe' plus `mzc --exe-dir'. Either way, the bytecode for all used
> > libraries is included in the resulting distribution package.
> >
> What about when I want to distribute the application to other
> computers (let's say it's all Windows for the sake of this
> discussion). The docs for creating executables say that the .exe
> created refers back to the PLT installation directory for .dlls and
> "auxiliary exes".

Assuming that you're using the "(module ...)" language, DrScheme's
"Create Executable" lets you create either an installation-specific
executable (can't move to other machines) or a distribution archive
that you can move to other machines. You'll want the second kind.

In mzc terms, the `mzc --exe-dir' step takes an installation-specific
.exe and prepares it to run on other machines (by putting it together
with everything it needs from the current installation).


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