[plt-scheme] Re: Storage of PlaneT packages

From: eliben (eliben at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Aug 19 22:59:05 EDT 2007

> > Thanks for all the replies. Followup question - when I distribute an
> > application written in PLT, how can I attach all the PlaneT packages
> > it uses?
> The easiest way is to use DrScheme's "Create Executable" menu item or
> `mzc --exe' plus `mzc --exe-dir'. Either way, the bytecode for all used
> libraries is included in the resulting distribution package.

What about when I want to distribute the application to other
computers (let's say it's all Windows for the sake of this
discussion). The docs for creating executables say that the .exe
created refers back to the PLT installation directory for .dlls and
"auxiliary exes".


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