[plt-scheme] Implementing web services

From: Vladimir Zlatanov (vlado at dikini.net)
Date: Fri Aug 10 11:38:16 EDT 2007

> It sounds like REST is an entirely functional concept, just like all
> batch programming. I doubt its investors understand this but one
> never knows. -- Matthias

Yep, as any other RPC is.

REST is enabling a web-command-line style applications and is simple, the
flexibility is
limited to your URI to code decoding strategy - from simple case style
callbacks to
treating it as a module language(in plt speak)

XML RPC helps with having well-defined and documented, heavier web-services

SOAP+friends are the elephant herd of the bunch, can be useful in large
deployments, especially
with web-service discovery. In the past I found it easier to implement my
own discovery mechanisms
suitable for the problem domain, but I never had to integrate those to an
existing infrastructure, so I might
have been lucky.
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