[plt-scheme] Re: examples of delimited continuation ?

From: Yu,Gang (wuhanyugang at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 26 23:01:34 EDT 2007

Thanks! Kyle

On 4/26/07, Kyle Smith <airfoil at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> You may find my series on the PLT primitive control operators interesting,
> which you can find at:
> schemekeys.blogspot.com

   I have read your blog at Feb, before the Chinese new year. And I also ran
your demo code.

 Many examples seem to show the semantics of PLT primitive control operators
and interaction with the dynamic-wind

this is not what I want. I want some elegant solutions (just like the
"same-fringe") for some little problems based on delimited controls:P

Also, I maintain a small, but fairly complete bibliography of the seminal
> papers on the topic on my web site, where you can view local
> copies.  There
> are many interesting examples contained within those papers.  You may find
> them at:
> www.schemekeys.net

   I  tried to connect many  times,  all fails:( . Any agent might help?

In addition, you can utilize the higher order control operators, which
> implement all four classes of control operators by requiring the following
> module:
> (require (lib "control.ss"))

  Yes , I have read that lib.   A little flaw is that  there is lack of
proof  on the macros.

Finally, Oleg Kiselyov has come up with a portable implememtation of all
> four
> classes of operators, which Jay McCarthy ported to PLT and has on PlaneT,
> which you can use by requiring the following module:
> (require (planet "delim-control.ss" ( "jaymccarthy" "current")))

  thanks, I will read  it.

You can find the original implementation from Oleg on this topic at:
> http://okmij.org/ftp/Computation/Continuations.html#generic-control

  Oleg simulates the delimited control using call/cc and mutable structures.
Again, it's not what I want.

And I believe I have something from Oleg on this topic in the bibliography.
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