[plt-scheme] Re: examples of delimited continuation ?

From: Kyle Smith (airfoil at bellsouth.net)
Date: Thu Apr 26 10:24:16 EDT 2007

Yu,Gang <wuhanyugang at ...> writes:

> Hi, all:   Does anyone know some interested examples on delimited 
continuations? I mean, except the "Handling control" (Sitaram90).thanks-- 
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Hi YuGang,

You may find my series on the PLT primitive control operators interesting, 
which you can find at:


Also, I maintain a small, but fairly complete bibliography of the seminal 
papers on the topic on my web site, where you can view local copies.  There 
are many interesting examples contained within those papers.  You may find 
them at:


In addition, you can utilize the higher order control operators, which 
implement all four classes of control operators by requiring the following 

(require (lib "control.ss"))

Finally, Oleg Kiselyov has come up with a portable implememtation of all four 
classes of operators, which Jay McCarthy ported to PLT and has on PlaneT, 
which you can use by requiring the following module:

(require (planet "delim-control.ss" ( "jaymccarthy" "current")))

You can find the original implementation from Oleg on this topic at:


And I believe I have something from Oleg on this topic in the bibliography.

Hope this helps.



airfoil at bellsouth dot com

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