[plt-scheme] MrEd Graphics Questions

From: Williams, M. Douglas (M.DOUGLAS.WILLIAMS at saic.com)
Date: Fri Apr 13 23:20:51 EDT 2007

One other thing.  The PLoT package seems to be broken under version 369.8 on Ubuntu 6.10.  I get the following message when I try executing any of my plot code.

Welcome to DrScheme, version 369.8-svn14mar2007 [3m].
Language: Graphical (MrEd, includes MzScheme).
ffi-lib: couldn't open "/usr/full-369.8/collects/plot/compiled/native/i386-linux/libplplot.so" (/usr/full-369.8/collects/plot/compiled/native/i386-linux/libplplot.so: undefined symbol: __stack_chk_fail_local)

I have not tried 369.9 yet, but will soon.

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I have started putting some graphics examples into the simulation collection.  Basically showing how to interface simulations developed using the simulation collection with MrEd.  This obviously requires me to learn MrEd myself, which is not a trivial undertaking.  The attached program is one of the examples I am working on.

In general, it works fine.  But, it has some quirks that the MrEd gurus can hopefully help me with.  First, does the basic structure of the graphical elements makes sense?  For example, I am using an editor-canvas% instance to the main output.  It works fine, but, for instance,  I would like to make it not editable since I am using it just for output.

Also, in the Options... menu item (under Edit), I am using text-field% instances and string->number to input simulation parameters.  Is there a better method for doing this that would make checking values easier.  In the same light, I would like to check the values when the field is exited.  Is there a way to do that?

Note that the example will download the simulation and science collections from PLaneT.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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