[plt-scheme] package documentation

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (jao at gnu.org)
Date: Mon Apr 2 19:54:32 EDT 2007

Hi. I'm preparing the release of a little package, mzfam, providing a
file alteration monitor for PLT-scheme (it uses FAM/Gamin if available
or a native scheme implementation otherwise) [0]. Actually, the only
piece missing is some docs, and i was thinking of writing a small
manual using tex2page: should i also provide a doc.txt file to play
nice with help-desk/planet? And, if so, how do people usually maintain
text and HTML docs in sync? Is there any tool you would recommend?

On a related note, i've tried to create a user on PLaneT, but have not
received the confirmation email after some 12 hours... is that normal?


[0] If you're curious, sources are browsable online at
<http://hacks-galore.org/darcs/darcs?r=mzfam;a=summary>, or 'darcs
get' them from <http://hacks-galore.org/jao/darcs/mzfam>. Needless to
say, suggestions, criticism and comments are welcome!
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