AW: [plt-scheme] problem with html tables in help desk

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at
Date: Mon Oct 30 01:05:33 EST 2006

At Sat, 28 Oct 2006 14:49:35 +0100, "Robert Matovinovic" wrote:
> Well, I'm not to happy to use tabbing instead of tabular but what I
> experienced using tabbing wasn't encouraging. The tabs a displayed perfect
> in a dvi-file but already after conversion with tex2page they neither
> display well in Mozilla nor in the Help Desk. Also the \kill command which I
> use to setup a pattern line for the tabstops doesn't have any effect, the
> line is displayed in the html file. Do you have any other hints?

I'm sure we avoid pattern lines. Now that I think about it, we usually
have an extra little program that takes some relatively sane text and
generates lots of "\ " tabbing output, mostly avoiding "\>" and "\=".

That's certainly not a good situation. Both our document generation and
document presentation need an overhaul.

> Concerning latex/tex2page macros are they part of tex2page? Currently I
> won't need them but it might be good to know for the future.

Here's the relevant bit of our .t2p file. 



;; create an empty keywords.scm file to get started
 (open-output-file (build-path *jobname* "keywords.scm") 'truncate 'text))

(let ((a (ungroup (get-token)))
      (b (ungroup (get-token)))
      (c (ungroup (get-token))))
    (build-path *jobname* "keywords.scm")
    (lambda ()
      (write `(,a ,b ,c))
  (fprintf *html* "<a name=\"node_kw_~a\"></a>" (repair-label c)))


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