[plt-scheme] 352.9

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sun Oct 29 20:56:11 EST 2006

MzScheme and MrEd are now version 352.9 in the SVN repository trunk.

I once again solicit your help in testing keyboard input:


The changes in 352.9 are minor adjustments to key-event handling. A
key-event object now has more information about alternative
interpretations of the event with respect to the AltGr (Windows, X) and
Option (Mac) keys.

As a result, shortcut handling should be slightly better for non-U.S.
keyboard layouts. For example (setting aside that backslash is a
questionable choice for a menu shortcut), Ctl-< on a Danish PC keyboard
should now access the "Insert Lambda" menu item in DrScheme; the idea
is that AltGr-< is how you'd type \, and DrScheme has nothing better to
do with the combination Ctl-<, so it's accepted as Ctl-\. If a menu
item were mapped to Ctl-<, in contrast, that menu item would take
precedence, since it's a more precise match.

Note that Ctl-AtrGr-< is the same as AltGr-<, since AltGr-< really
means Alt-Ctl-<. Consequently, if there's ever a Ctl-< shortcut in
DrScheme, the Ctl-\ shortcut will be once again inaccessible in
Denmark; there's no way to distinguish Ctl-\ from Ctl-< or from plain
\. Such are the limitations of locale-insensitive shortcuts.

Given those limitations, it's not clear that the new shortcut
approximation for the AltGr key is a good idea at all. But this kind of
approximation has worked well so far for the Shift key, so we're trying
AltGr (and Option on the Mac), too.


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