[plt-scheme] Beta of game framework

From: Jon Rafkind (workmin at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 27 20:05:38 EDT 2006

John Clements wrote:
> On Oct 26, 2006, at 10:27 PM, Jon Rafkind wrote:
>> Or on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV7ClMSOZp4
> This one worked fine.  Looks awesome! Can't wait to play the game. 
> Er... this stuff works on OSX now, right?
It does work in OS X except the mouse has a few issues with it. Ill try 
to fix those before releasing 1.5. This game already exists in the 
Allegro package and is slightly more complete than this demo.

(require (planet "xquest.ss" ("kazzmir" "allegro.plt" 1 4) "examples/xquest"))

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